Saturday, December 10, 2011

#Reverb11: Time

"How did you fill your time in 2011? Are you happy with it? Would you change it?"

Today's prompt comes from Diana Prichard.

I did quite a lot with my time in 2011. I spent time with friends, I went on a Girls Only camping trip, I celebrated my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend Josh, I had a Roller Disco themed birthday party, I spent time with my puppy, and I visited my family in Idaho.
I could have done a LOT more of all those things, but its those little bits of time that create the real memories, the ones you hold onto when you have a bad day!
I also spent my time baking, quite a bit of baking. My best friend Mia and I love to bake, just for fun right now. It would be nice to have our own small bakery, but right now its just for people we know. We even created our own page to share our creations! We are average bakers, we dont' have the skills or tools of the people on Cake Boss or any of those other cake baking shows, but we have fun and we make great stuff! Check out our Facebook Page: H&M's Magical Creations!!

Continue with me on this journey!! Check out my earlier post with links to other #Reverb / #WEverb projects, and join the adventure!

Peace and Good JuJu to You,

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