Monday, February 14, 2011

week 6 - wait, what happened to Week 5???

oh, don't get me started! it's been a crazy couple weeks and i'll admit it right here and now, i succumbed to bad food choices and no exercise and gained back the majority of that which I lost. Stress really is a trigger for me and its difficult to be successful in my eating habits when I turn to food for my outlet. it Sucks too, because I was doing so well.

Starting today, I have no excuses. I have to be focused to the best of my ability. I will say, i haven't had a drop of soda in 6 weeks!! so that makes me utterly thrilled!! Today is the first day of my 20 week training program for the half marathon, and also the day I actually pay for the entrance fee!! so nervous to actually make it official, but i'm doing it!!

i wanna spill a lot right now, but i don't want to ruin the mood of Valentine's day! I'm going to have a delicious meal with my love and relax! We just spent the last weekend at the beach and visiting Astoria, Or, and i'm just sooo exhausted from our amazing trip! I sure love my boyfriend and enjoy every day wtih him!!

so, onto good things, and next week, perhaps a video blog!!



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 4.5 - give me junk food!!!

ugh, not so fab last week! I gained 3 lbs and keep eating all the delicious food I see around me. such yummy and super delicious food. and i've been too out of it to actually want to cook or makeanything too "healthy".
I don't feel like i've fallen off the wagon, i'm just in a funk. i think it's that "time" of the month for me, and i justneed topower through it. So far, this week isn't off to a fab start either, but I know that things will definitely kick in to gear next week.  just been some rought weeks altely and trying to take care of things one day at a time.

My roommate girlfriend will be moving in with us in a week or two and i've convinced her to start going to the apartment complex gym with me! Just in time to Officially start training for the half marathon race! Yikes, still gotta register.. keep forgetting! i'm scared slightly to make it offically! I'm afraid I wont succeed, something bad will happen, or i'll chicken out. I gues sI just need to DO it and get it over with... and get things in order!!!!

well, i've had a long week and want a nap.

Until Next Time...