Thursday, December 22, 2011

#Reverb11: Giving

"Does giving feed your soul? Do you have certain ways of giving that you enjoy most?"

I try and give as much as I can every year. I know I always talk about how I'm struggling with my own stuff, but I know that no matter how much I'm struggling, there are people out there doing way worse than myself. That's why I try and find causes through out the year that fit my own personal beliefs and try to support them. I even help my friends when I can. This year was great for me, because I was able to help my best friend by getting presents for her kids! It was a blast for me to go buy kids presents!! I'm such a big kid myself sometimes!! and Watching them open up their presents was great! To see their happy faces was amazing!!! They got their presents from me a week before Christmas, but it was still awesome!! Not having kids of my own yet comes at a great advantage to me, because I can spoil my Nieces and Nephews so much!!

Continue with me on this journey!! Check out my earlier post with links to other #Reverb / #WEverb projects, and join the adventure!

Peace and Good JuJu to You,

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