Sunday, December 25, 2011

#Reverb11: Celebrate

"What did you celebrate in 2011? Are you looking forward to any celebrations in 2012?"

2011 had some great celebrations! I'll highlight my favorite 3!

First - My 27th Birthday! It was 70's Roller Disco themed, and we had it at the local Skating Rink/Bowling alley!! It was awesome! I made myself an all black jumpsuit and bought tons of gold jewelry. and I even did my hair in curlers so that there was some volume to my hair! and my loving boyfriend bought the John Travolta disco outfit and wore it the whole night, just for me!! Not only that, but he was sick with food poisoning and STILL came out for the night!  It was great!!

Second - My Best Friend Mia's 25th birthday!! Every year we try and plan a party for her, but since its right after thanksgiving and right before Christmas, and she's got 2 small ones, it can get a little hectic. So, for this year, I just made the plans myself, told her husband I was kidnapping her and he HAD to watch the kids, and followed through with such plans!! We went on a glorious French Adventure around Seattle! Me and Mia! It was amazing!! I know she had fun, and it was great to get her away and have some one on one time with my bestie!

And Finally - the Xmas Eve (eve) Party!! Every year that Josh and I have been together, We've thrown a party for Christmas Eve. Its a chance for us to get together with our friends and just have some cheesy fun! This year was the most low key, but it was a blast! We had good friends over, watched some tv and listened to music, ate some good food, and then had an Ornament Exchange! the best part was NO ONE threw up this year! haha! I say that because the last 2 years, someone has gotten too drunk and gotten sick! This year was fun though, and I can't wait to continue this tradition next year!

Continue with me on this journey!! Check out my earlier post with links to other #Reverb / #WEverb projects, and join the adventure!

Peace and Good JuJu to You,

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