Friday, December 16, 2011

3 more days!!

So, My 100 day challenge began in September - and on Monday, my 100 days will be over. So much has happened in 100 days! and While I think I may only be down about 10 lbs from when I started, I've learned so much about myself: What foods keep me going, what foods make me lethargic, what exercises keep me motivated, what exercises help me build strength or flexibility in trouble spots, what exercises I CAN NOT Stand. Its been an interesting experiment!

On Monday I will take a pic of me in the same sports bra and shorts I did on the 1st day. I will weigh myself, and I will see what I have accomplished. Right now, I know i'm down almost 25lbs since my dr's visit on August 1st. In addition, I believe that puts me around 30-ish lbs lost for the year! Which to me is a huge success with all I've battled this year.

On January 1st, I will begin another 100 day challenge. It will end on April 10th 2012! I'm hoping to push through and do some amazing things in 2012, in regards to my weight loss goals and knowledge I've gained in 2011!

Here's hoping for a far more successful 100 days in 2012!

Peace and Good JuJu to You,

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