About Me

I am a work in progress.... but in the mean time, here is a bit about me!

I am... Hef. What started out as a nickname and an homage to an old cartoon character (Rocko's Modern Life) has stuck with me for quite a few years. The nickname originated from my weight. As a formerly in shape person, I hit a rough patch in my life and gained over 130lbs. I took that nickname and made it powerful, The Hefinator (like the Terminator, but cooler!). Although I may lose all the weight, I will probably always remain Hef! and I'm okay with that. It's a part of me now!

I am... a daughter of the most insightful, inspiring, stubborn, caring mother! Her experiences, words of wisdom, and actions have helped to mold me into the person I am. Her successes and failures have helped shine light on new paths for myself.

I am... the older sister of 1 Duder (my brother 7 years younger than I). I try to share my wisdom and experiences with my Duder to help him grow and learn and not make the same mistakes I have in life.

I am.... the older sister of 1 Bubby (my sister 16 years younger than I). Her positive attitude and pure girly-ness remind me of all the hope and magic still left in this world!

I am... a partner! I share my life, my struggles, my happy moments, my adventures with the love of my life, Josh (AKA Caveman). Since he came into my life, I have felt this amazing feeling inside! A feeling I lost for quite a few years and am glad that it is back! Its that magic inside that keeps me going, that pushes me forward, that challenges me to be a BETTER me!

I am... a friend! I do my best to surround myself with people who are amazing in their own life! My blend of friends is similar to my blend of music - eclectic, crazy, and down right AWESOME! Near or far, I make sure that my friends know that I care for them, I am always here for them, and I will always bury the body for them should something bad happen! (j/k, hehe!)

I am... a lover! I love all people. I have found that I am an extremely forgiving person and that often turns out to bite me in the rear. It makes me bitter at times, but we live and learn, and then move on!

I am... a worker, who enjoys her career! I spend every day loving the job I have! It is just the challenge my life, and my brain, needed! It is so much fun to go to work and ENJOY my days!

I am... a (Forever) student! I spent nearly 8 years in college, taking classes slowly but surely to get my degree. I spend every day learning and exploring more topics! My brain is a sponge, and I need to keep filling it so it doesn't dry up!

I am... a Rookie! A rookie blogger that is! I love to write, but never feel like I have the time to write or the topics that people will want to read. I'm such a random person, and often feel like my random thoughts wouldn't appeal to ANYONE but myself. I am going to change that though!

I am... a chef! Sort of!! I love to cook marvelous meals, and am honing my skills to be a Master (at-home) Chef! I am constantly searching for quick, fun, easy, good to eat recipes to try out at home and with my friends.

I am... a Baker! I LOVE to Bake! I am the average home baker, with no experience, but a desire to learn and improve!

I am... well, I am a lot of other things! I could probably sit here and list a lot more things that wouldn't be as significant as what I've already stated. Follow my blog and learn more about me! I would love to know more about YOU!