Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm getting married!!

So, now that the news is out to all my friends and family - I can finally make a post of the most amazing day of my life (to date)! This last Saturday, March 3rd, the love of my life proposed!

Josh and I celebrated 3 years of being together this last Friday, March 2nd. Although we had plans to go out on Friday, we eventually decided to celebrate on Saturday so that we weren't fighting Friday traffic or crowds at the restaurants.
All dressed up for the night! (the flash hurt his eyes!)
So, Saturday came and we had a nice day. I went to Zumba, he played video games - it was a great day! That night, we went out for a nice dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory (DELICIOUS!!) and a then Josh planned a fun drive to Seattle. When we first got together, we used to take late night drives to different scenic sites around Seattle! It was a lot of fun and way for us to just get away, be somewhere quiet and just talk. I didn't know exactly where we were going until we got there, but Josh had driven us to Kerry Park. For those that don't know, Kerry Park has THE BEST view of Seattle, period, and is one of my favorite places to go! The Space Needle looks huge from the viewpoint. It is absolutely beautiful!
The view of Seattle from Kerry Park!
By the time we got there, it was already 9:30. It was super cold, and VERY windy! There were quite a lot of people there at first, but it started to get empty and quieter. That didn't last long, because eventually party buses filled with high school kids all decked out for prom showed up! I asked a couple times if we could get going, maybe go get some hot cocoa, because I was FREEZING!! Josh kept telling me not yet and to wait just a minute. I was starting to get irritated! This guy was making me freeze my butt off!!

Finally, he grabbed my hand and lead me down the little path on the far end of the park that lead to the old cobblestone street below. Its a secluded cul-de-sac with a small opening in the trees that frames the Space Needle, and NO ONE around! He told me to look behind me, and I turned to see the city view with all the buildings and the lights (SO pretty). When I turned around, he grabbed my hand and said "I've thought of 101 ways to do this. And I know you're supposed to have a speech or something prepared, but that's just not me." He got down on one knee and finally said "Holly, will you Marry me?" Of course I started crying and of course I said yes! My tears started to make him tear up, but he maintained his manly composure! :)

My beautiful engagement ring!
The ring is a family heirloom from his mom's side. It belonged to his Great Great Aunt, and then to his Great Grandmother. I'm so happy and excited, I don't even know what to say. We're not in a rush to have a wedding right away, but we do want to get married sometime next year!! I can't wait to share all the planning fun with my blogging family!!

That's it for today....

Peace and Good JuJu,

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