Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#Reverb12 - Dancing

What made you dance in 2012? What made you weep?

Weddings! SO many weddings! They made me dance AND made me cry!

The first one was in April in Vegas. Two great friends of mine decided to do a recommittment ceremony in Vegas with close friends and a couple family members! It was the first time I have ever been a bridesmaid and was so incredibly honored. After the ceremony, we had a party bus for the evening. There was lots of drinking, dancing, and merriment to be had! It made me happy to be able to be in Vegas, with my friends, and celebrate!

The next wedding for the year was in May in Philadelphia. I attended Penn State my freshman year of college and am still friends with a handful of people I met when I was there, nearly 10 years later! This year, one of my dearest friends got married and I was able to make the trip across the country to see it! It was nice to bring the Caveman with me to meet people that I talk about but never get to see! And there were a number of group dances on the dance floor with my girls! They all belong to the same sorority, a sorority that I was asked to join but never got the chance to pledge because I moved back to Washington  I feel like the honorary member with these girls and it was so great to see them!

And then of course my own wedding! The friends who were married in Vegas helped with the DJ activities for my own wedding and it was a blast! Getting to dance to some crazy songs from my childhood with my mom, in front of all my family, was absolutely amazing! I miss late night weekends of watching movies, listening to loud 80's music and dancing around the living room with my mom and siblings!

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