Friday, December 3, 2010

The Pros and Cons!

So, I read this awesome book called "The Nonrunners Marathon Guide For Women" and I loved it. The woman who wrote it, Dawn Dais, is a very funny woman and she puts a realistic aspect on training for a marathon when you already don't exercise very often!! Each chapter has some sort of project to work on and help prepare you for a marathon. I thought I'd do one of the exercises she has in the book, which is a Pros and Cons list! This should be fun!!!

Pro: I will challenge myself.
Con: I could potentially injure myself BADLY!!

Pro: I will finally be in great shape!
Con: I will most likely be in extreme pain from all that damn running!!

Pro: I will gain respect (my own and other people's)
Con: I will gain blisters (and more than likely in not so comfortable places!!

Pro: I'll get to shop for all new clothes.
Con: I'll go broke shopping for all new clothes!! :)

Pro: I will be raising money for a great cause (Girls on the Run)
Con: I'll probably be hospitalized for being clutzy and tripping over myself!! haha!

Okay, so most of my Cons are all in good fun. There are mostly all Pros for doing this half marathon! One thing I must remember, is that I can not be overambitious. I need to WAIT for results and not become so impatient that I give up at the slightest sight of struggle! 28 days until I officially start training. 203 days until the actual run!! fun fun fun!!

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