Monday, January 10, 2011

what a surprise!! Week 1 recap!

boy oh boy was i surprised this morning when i stepped on my scale and saw the big change in weight. i'm down 8.4 pounds since New Years Day! WOW!! and it's all been such little changes.. i haven't really done much exercise lately because i've been sick and its been freezing.

First of all, i'm glad to finally be rid of this crazy cold i've had!! it made me have the worse runny nose i've had in a long time!! and i was so tired every day, that i would pass out before 8!! so lazy!! i hardly wanted to move from bed, but every morning, i got up and went to work, and did my routine and i made it through! now, if only this freezing cold weather would go away, i could go walking outside!! looks like i'm gonna have to finally pay for the cabana key to use the gym at my apartment complex!! it's free, might as well!! haha!

Hmmm, so I've completely cut out soda, and boy does it feel good. I haven't had any headaches lately, so hopefully that continues. i know it's gonna be rough when i do get one, because i'm so used to using pepsi as a means to calm the headache, because my migraine medicine is so expensive!

I've way increased the amount of water i drink. I have dozens of water bottles, but i find i get bored of them quickly, and forget about them sitting on my desk all day! even though they could be full, i'll just ignore them. But, i have a reusable plastic starbucks cup with a STRAW, and i am sucking down water like crazy now!! it's mindless really!! i'll put my cup in front of me, grab the straw, and just start drinking away while i keep typing! TOTALLY HANDS FREE!! I LOVE IT!!

This week, i will start doing more exercises, implementing a Daily 100 every night before bed, and starting to walk/jog, so that by mid february, i'll be able to start run/walking without killing myself, haha!

I'm feeling confident, i'm feeling fantastic, i'm feeling rested... I can do this!!

In other news, i have been thinking about buying a new car when i get my tax returns, since my poor hyundai is no more. I've also been getting together my financial stuff so i can start resolving some matters I have. This weekend I am going to start cleaning out the outside closet and consolidating/recycling the items i have!!! i need to have clean closets!! maybe i'll do the outside closet on saturday, and my bedroom closet on sunday!! haha!! way too many clothes i have, haha.

well, that's all for today,

Until next time...

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