Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3, still going strong!!

so, it's been three weeks since the new year, and i'm still going strong... YAY!!
they say it takes 21 days to create a habit, right?? well, i'm at 21 days today! And, i haven't had 1 soda during this whole 21 days! I've been walking A LOT lately, and my eating choices are getting better and better each week! I'm happy to say i lost another 4.2 lbs this last week.. which puts me at 12.6 lbs lost since the new year!! OH YEAH!!! every time i see a lower number, it really does motivate me to keep going!! I know i make some bad food coices each week, but they are getting better, and becoming easier to stick to something healthier.. my stomach feels better when I eat GOOD foods, and not crummy foods!! haha!

This week, I need to go grocery shopping for some more healthy dinner ideas!! I made a Honey Spiced chicken recipe last week that was absolutely delicious!! Must make it again this week!! Also, I completed my goal of 30 minutes of walking a day! I walked over 6 miles last week, and it was insane!! My legs STILL hurt!! I didn't do any daily 100's last week, but i beleive all the walking made up for it!

I also managed to go through ALL the clothes in my closet.. woah, it's pretty clean now!! up next is finishing laundry, putting the rest of my good clothes away, then going through the drawers! this will be accomplished this week! next weekend..... the REST of the closets!! time to get rid of junk!!

Also, finances! gotta get my student loans combined ASAP!! I think i'm gonna take next monday off to take care of business!! I have a free floating holiday I can use, I just gotta request it off.....

with that said, i'm done for today!

Until next time,

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