Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 wrap up!

week 2!! woah... this week started off FROSTY!!!
I decided to go walking, and after 15 minutes, i had to go inside. I was so bundled up and multiple layers, even had ear muffs on, yet in just that 15 minutes, i froze! I thought the rest of the week would get warmer, and it did, but it then decided to POUR RAIN LIKE CRAZY!!  needless to say, my exercise was limited to inside my apartment, and it was very light. Starting this week, I start taking the bus full time, so it's a mile walk to and from the bus stop to my apartment... will definitely be getting the exercise in every day!! and i'll be doing my best to walk it faster than the first time I did it back in november!! haha
I found myself slacking off by not entering my food eaten on, and as a result, i let my self slip a little with my snacks. as a result, i didn't lose a pound this week.. but on the plus side, didn't gain one either!! I creidt most of that to my eating habits the FIRST part of the week.. like my new blender and smoothie action I got going on in the mornings?! OH YEAH! So yummie!

So, goal for the next week: minimum of 30 minutes of walking a day... regardless!! shouldn't be too hard! a Daily 100 a day! woot! and also, getting to bed at a good time!! So far, i've at least been doing 2 of those!! haha.

In other news, last week was a rough one personally, which i believe contributed to my extra snacking. Josh not able to find a better job isn't helping our situation to be able to live without roommates. Me not having a car hit the fan this morning, so no more carpooling for me, i'll be taking the bus permanently now. And a night out with friends turned into a big to do that really irritated me, and made me question my friendships and how i chose to live my day to day life. I'm planning on writing about that seperately, so let's just keep this post as Jolly as possible!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day!

Until Next time...


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