Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#Reverb14: Coulda woulda shoulda

What didn’t you do this year because you were too scared, afraid, unsure?  Are you going to do it next year?  Or maybe you don’t want to anymore?
There are a lot of things I didn't do this year that I wanted to - but none of them were because I was too scared, afraid, or unsure.

I wanted to save money to buy a house - but instead, we wound up buying a reliable car that we can both drive and solved our transportation problem. A House will be there when we are finally ready to buy

I wanted to have my degree finished this year - but the responsibilities of my work didn't leave me much time. The benefit is that I'm applying what I'm learning to work and reaping the career benefits. Just means I'll have to finish early next year!

Of all the things on my list this year to do, nothing was too important that if it didn't get done, the world would end. I will say that next year, I will have a plan to tackle financial and personal tasks that I DO want to complete IN 2015!

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