Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1 more month!

so, I started my 100 day Challenge in September and had HUGE goals in mind. I quickly learned I had definitely set some unrealistic goals for myself! while my overall goal is great, my individual goals were way off base. I wanted to be under 200 lbs by new years! NOT HAPPENING!! and not because I haven't tried. Mainly because for a healthy weight loss, and to keep it off, I had to set smaller goals for myself. I would still like to be under 200 lbs, but not until my 28th birthday in March. I've set myself with goals much smaller than 15-20 a month, and more on 10 a month.

Since August 1st, i'm down 21 lbs. there were a few weeks of no weight loss at all, and i'm hoping to ramp up some cardio workouts in the next month to make sure I am under 250 by thanksgiving and under 240 by christmas. those two goals will keep me right on track to be under 200 by my birthday, and still reach my ultimate goal of 150 by the end of August 2012 for my 10 year reunion.

It's been an amazing adventure. every week I learn more about myself and more about what does and does not work for me. It has definitely been tough. and many time I've wanted to just scream and sit down with a carton of chocolate ice cream and not move.... but I don't! I keep chugging along! This is my lifestyle change, and no matter the struggle, I will succeed! THIS IS MY LIFE!!!

Peace and Good JuJu to you,

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