Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still chugging away!

So, my scale and I have not gotten along lately, at all. In fact, I'm losing so incredibly slowly. I know i set some agressive weight loss goals to reach before the end of the year, but holy moly, this is snail pace! I'm still working hard and not giving up! This week I saw the first loss on the scale in almost a month! I've been dealing with some "female" issues that have made things rather difficult and think I finally have control of everything. On the plus side, I finally reached a mini goal!! Finally lost 20 lbs! took 2 months! but it was so awesome!
my first major goal was 200 by New Years! That would have made a great achievement. I think that it was an aggressive goal, and something that could have been attainable, but not now. I'm aiming for 220 by new years. That would make me so happy! that still leaves time to be under 200 by my birthday, and at my ultimate goal of 150 by my 10 year reunion next August!
I will admit that last month was a CRAP month. I slacked on exercise, i didn't always eat healthy, and i had a gloomy mood most the month. but October has already improved and i'm already on track to have a successful month! i'm thinking positive, I have a great group of people supporting me, and i'm finally seeing the results i've wanted to see for a while.

The best part: Josh. for years, I haven't had the support at home that I needed to continue successfully. My home atmosphere always drove me to more unhealthy habits and sabotaged my efforts. but with Josh, he's the best! he's always willing to try new foods that I cook, doesn't complain when i'm home late from going to the gym, and compliments my new "look" all the time. apparently, I have a firmer butt!! haha.

I'm just gonna keep chugging away, and I know now that I have the strength and will power to keep going!!

Peave and Good JuJu...


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