Monday, September 12, 2011

100 days

So, there is this show that used to be on MTV called "I Used To Be Fat". It's about high school kids who are overweight and spend the 80-100 days during the summer to lose a ton of weight before going to college, or wherever they are going in the fall. Its a pretty awesome show, and these kids accomplish alot. in watching the reunion episode, many of them kept off the weight too. they look fantastic.

One of the aspects of the show is this GIANT paper pad that gets nailed to their wall. and on each piece of paper is a number, a countdown of how many days they have to lose their goal weight. i decided to incorporate this idea into my already existing weight loss goals.

With the help of, i've managed to lose 14lbs. I've had a couple stalled weeks, but chock that up to a change in Birth control and building muscle (my arms are getting strong!). I have not only joined a monthly weightloss challenge, but I am the captain of 9 other awesome ladies who are all doing this for the same reasons.

I've made some great strides lately in my life, to release stress and get things on the right track! I've tried new things and mixed things up to make life more interesting! I now do Zumba on saturday mornings with one of my best friends, Myranda, and starting today I am trying Hot Yoga! With these new activites, and my already existing exercise plan, I know i can accomplish all of my goals!!

I would like to be under 200, that is my first MAJOR goal. and i would love it if I could be there by new years, although i know it would be nearly impossible. needless to say, starting Saturday September 10th, i started my own 100 day challenge! I have a much smaller pad of paper, but have it nailed to my wall in my bedroom as a daily reminder! I took a pic of me in a pair of shorts and sports bra with my day 100 piece of paper and plan to do so every 10 days. I am going to be diligent about making it to my gym and get all my workouts in, regardless if I want to or not.

100 days from September 10th is the 19th of December! Just in time to buy a new outfit for mine and Josh's annual Xmas Eve party!! I can't wait to be able to buy a cute new dress, in a much smaller size!!! i'm going to work hard and make it to my goal!!! feel free to leave me some words of encouragement... i'm sure i'll need them!!! its gonna be a long tough journey to make it to the very end goal!! :)

Peace and Good JuJu,


  1. I love you Holly. I know you can do it. I'm not being encouraging. I just know. You can do anything, which is why I, and most of the other cousins, look up to you. <3

  2. Holly, I love you and love that you have included me in your workout routine! I know you can totally rock the weight off and if and when I get a set schedule I can work with you some days if you want! You are a true inspiration!


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