Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week Number..... wait... what the H$#@ happened??

hmmm... seems I started the year making a weekly post, only to disappear and not right much at all!
well, things got rough and crazy with my life. life went fast, work picked up, and any goals I had set for myself went RIGHT out the window!!

I finally decided to schedule a doctors appointment for myself. I went to my appointment on July 21st. I picked a brand new doctor, wanted a brand new start, and wanted to make all the right choices, starting now. I had wanted to have my appointment earlier in the year, so as not to derail myself early on, but boy do I NOT like doctors.

Back the appointment, so, I went and it was a rough appointment. my new doctor is fabulous, and unlike all the other ones i've had the last few years, she was brutally honest and told me all the things i've needed to hear. rather than tell me "oh, you are healthy, just overweight...", this new doc told me "you're overweight, healthy or not, and that needs to change...... so lets change it!"

She put me on a diet and told me i needed to excercise more. she scheduled me for a whole blood panel and checked all my "numbers" to make sure that i truly was healthy. and then she recommended me for a sleep study. made me really nervous, cuz i don't want to be one of those people attached to a machine all night to sleep. and I know if I don't lose this extra weight, that is what is going to happen. I'm determined to make sure that never happens!!!

The diet the doc put me on is the Mediterranean diet. I spent the next week buying a few books about the diet and with various recipes to help me stick with it. I had a follow up appointment on the 1st of August, and planned to start fresh on that day with my new diet and excercise. I have used a site called off and on for about a year and decided to dedicate myself fully to tracking all the food I eat and really taking action to stick with the goals i've put before myself. I also joined an August challenge with a group of 20 others on my team. Each day involves a different excersice to do on top of normal excercise, increasing the amount of water we drink, and sticking to our calorie goals.

I'm happy to say that after the first week, i've lost 5 lbs. I'm down to 268, which makes me happy. i'm under 270, and i'm on my way to even lower. I've set some goals for myself, and when I hit each goal, I will reward myself accordingly. here they are:
Starting Weight: 275 - 7/10/2011
Goal 1: 250 - HRM
Goal 2: 225 - Mani/Pedi/Hair salon
Goal 3: 200 - Tattoo (The Goonies!)
Goal 4: 175 - Full Spa Day
ULTIMATE GOAL: 150lbs - A new Me, a new Wardrobe!

I know it's 125lbs, but it's only 5 small goals, and each one is within reach and I will accomplish everything I set out for! Next summer is my 10 year reunion and I do not want to be overweight when I run into all the people I had to deal with back then. My friend is also getting married in May of next year and I want to be able to wear a beautiful dress!

Here's to fulfilling goals and finally making changes that stick!

Peace and good juju to you,



  1. Since I'll only be a few minutes away from you, I would totally be down to go for walks or something with you either after you get home from work or on the weekends! You're goals and rewards are awesome and I love you tons!

  2. we can go walking near the lake, it would be so much fun!! I so can't wait to see you!! I miss you!! haha!! i just gotta keep the motivation to keep going!


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