Friday, November 9, 2012

Giving Up...

I give up - eating crummy foods.
I give up - being lazy about my exercise.
I give up - buying my lunch every day.
I give up - coming up with excuses NOT to exercise or eat healthy.
I give up - not checking in more frequently!

I am realizing that my life has gotten INCREASINGLY busy since we moved and go married. Home life is running a million miles a minute, work is running a million miles a minute, and coming up in a couple weeks I am going to start school again, which of course will be a million miles a minute. And in all the craziness, the one thing that always suffers if my fitness goals.

Taking a page from a fellow work out buddy Lesley, I've decided to plan every day with what NEEDS to be done, while still leaving open space for the spontaneous things. I need a schedule, a routine I can stick to, and one that will allow me to get everything accomplished, keep my sanity, and be easy to manage.

This weekend I will be working on my Google Calendar to plan my days with meal and snack times, exercise, travel time, work, anything and everything that I know for a fact can be planned. Additionally, I will finish the final touches on our Home Organization white board.
Our new Organization board!
This board is right outside our bedroom door, in perfect view of the kitchen, and in the most open part of the main living area of our apartment. You CANT miss it! I will have my cleaning schedule organized and my weekly planned meals listed to eliminate the "what do you want for dinner" debate. I used some scrapbooking tape to divide it up, and Caveman picked up some Days-of-the-Week magnets for me. I even included 2 pieces that require Caveman and I to update - his doodle corner and the " I love you because" section. So far, both have been very successful!

Additionally, I've decided I need to start being more active in the fitness community, like I was when I was successful last year. So, to help wtih that I've decided to start writing fitness posts for the gaming community I belong to, Popchix. And perhaps starting up the fitness challenges I used to do with my gaming girls! It could be fun!

So there you have it! Haven't blogged in forever, life is keeping me busy, but I don't want to slip too far away! Keep a look out, because I'll be posting more!

Peace and Good JuJu,

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  1. Holly!!! This makes me so happy!! :) And for a few reasons! haha
    (1) I'm so happy that you are taking these steps to get control of the weight loss and even your life again so it can be more easily managed. It's a great feeling when you sit down and do it. Then it's even better when you stick to it! It's very rewarding, even if it's not 100%. I haven't stuck 100% to my schedule, but I would say probably about 75%, and it just feels great.
    (2) It's always nice to know when you've inspired someone. And when I hear/see that I have done that, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! lol

    You've got this girl! Even though we are on opposite ends of the country, we're in this together and you know I'm here for you when you need support, encouragement, and praise! Keep on rockin' it!


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