Friday, September 21, 2012

The week of meetings

Want to know the one thing that kills my diet plans? Meetings! Meetings at work that are always last minute, stressful, all over the place, and have to be conveniently scheduled during my snack time or my lunch time. REALLY?!

I set up a plan for my meals for all last week. I was motivated to bring my lunch and make dinner every nights. So what happened? random meeting at lunch, impromptu "gathering" at lunch, dinner for josh's birthday, missed lunch, forgotten snacks, and an overall mess of my eating habits for the week! I bought all the ingredients to make turkey wraps for lunch and here it is Friday and I haven't made a single one! ARGH!!!

How do I manage this? How does anyone manage this? I don't have the budget to be eating out or eating on the fly when I'm at work, but I have a hell of a time scheduling my meals and being able to get them in during the work day.

I would love to hear any ideas on how to get through a workday without ruining an eating plan! In the mean time, I'm slowly working on increasing my water intake. Its going well. Still not where I need to be in general but working hard!

Before I head off for the night - I thought I would take just a quick second to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby! I love you Caveman and am so glad you enjoyed the birthday surprise today!

Peace and Good JuJu,

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