Monday, February 14, 2011

week 6 - wait, what happened to Week 5???

oh, don't get me started! it's been a crazy couple weeks and i'll admit it right here and now, i succumbed to bad food choices and no exercise and gained back the majority of that which I lost. Stress really is a trigger for me and its difficult to be successful in my eating habits when I turn to food for my outlet. it Sucks too, because I was doing so well.

Starting today, I have no excuses. I have to be focused to the best of my ability. I will say, i haven't had a drop of soda in 6 weeks!! so that makes me utterly thrilled!! Today is the first day of my 20 week training program for the half marathon, and also the day I actually pay for the entrance fee!! so nervous to actually make it official, but i'm doing it!!

i wanna spill a lot right now, but i don't want to ruin the mood of Valentine's day! I'm going to have a delicious meal with my love and relax! We just spent the last weekend at the beach and visiting Astoria, Or, and i'm just sooo exhausted from our amazing trip! I sure love my boyfriend and enjoy every day wtih him!!

so, onto good things, and next week, perhaps a video blog!!



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